Let’s face it. Building a new home or renovating your existing home can appear to be a daunting task. Spending an afternoon at the home center or Pottery Barn can leave your head spinning. Where to start? How to decide? With MLBdesigngroup, we start at the beginning – and all of the decisions are then arrived at through a collaborative step-by-step process that will reveal what matters most – to you.

Design Process

The Beginning is a complimentary phone consultation during which we’ll discuss your hopes and dreams, goals and priorities, constraints and issues. (You may already have a set of plans, but would like a second opinion. We can discuss this option as well.) We’ll talk about your lifestyle – how you cook and entertain, where your children do their homework, what ‘home’ feels like to you – and through this process discover those unique needs that the work should fulfill. Usually the next step is an in-home consultation meeting where we delve deeper into design and space-planning options, and consider their feasibility. We’ll talk about products, and share thoughts on energy-saving and sustainability considerations. We’ll get to know each other and the design process better, agree on the scope of your project and outline preliminary budget guidelines.

Design work is typically accomplished in two phases after you’ve retained our services. Preliminary plans and drawings are more conceptual and are used to present multiple ideas and options. Your input during this phase will reveal more and more about what matters most to you, thus ensuring that your project is heading in the right direction. During design development, your plans are edited and refined. Additional views are created to include more detail about aesthetics and functionality. We’ll review and select products, finishes and materials and capture all of this information in a comprehensive manner that ensures you know exactly what you’re getting.

Develop project budget and assign responsibilities. Your project will be designed using our “tool box” of materials, products and resources, with quotes and estimates provided as determined by the project scope. We’ll introduce you to our team of exceptional general contractor and trade contractor professionals for overall project budgeting. While you’re not obligated to work with our recommended team, you’ll want to ensure that the team you select is capable of meeting the expectations established in the design process. We can help you do that. Once the budget has been established and the team selected, a schedule for ordering materials and overall construction can be established.

Ongoing design support from MLBdesigngroup ensures that the expectations created during the design process come to life during construction. We believe a great team is comprised of a client, builder and designer all working together to achieve excellent results. We build and maintain solid relationships with you and the team by providing meaningful design input, clarification of ideas, and timely responses. A couple of hours of our time each week during construction, especially at the beginning, can help keep your project moving forward.