"Everyone who comes here seems to sense the 'rightness' of the design."



When we started the process with Marie we realized that’s what it was, a process. Marie helped us understand that there is much more to designing a space than finishes and that it is as much about how you live and use the space. Going through that process with Marie coupled with her amazing eye for design and finishes we were able to achieve a living space that was decidedly our own much much more than we had ever imagined. When guests visit our home the first thing they ask us is who our designer was and we are very proud to say mlbdesigngroup.



I had an incredible experience working with Marie of MLBdesigngroup both in the process and in the result.  She encouraged my input and used my ideas with her expertise to design a beautiful, modern townhouse that show cases my family heirlooms. I am particularly pleased with the custom kitchen and all of the conveniences it has. Entertaining is a pleasure, especially when I hear so many compliments about the unique and beautiful home Marie helped me to create.



Marie has a brilliant eye for creating amazing spaces that feed the souls of the people who spend time within them. All of the work we did together far exceeded our expectations for quality and beauty



After an expensive false start …, we had the good fortune to meet Marie Blackburn and it was clear from the first meeting that Marie was a talented, take charge designer who wasn’t intimidated by the complexity of our project.



I think of you all the time as I work in my new kitchen. It has become a source of joy and relaxation



We highly recommend Marie as a very talented and responsive certified master kitchen and bath designer! Every day as we enter our new kitchen, we smile and appreciate all of the great ideas, support and guidance she provided.



We learned to really appreciate Marie’s contacts with vendors in the remodeling arena. She knows and has worked with a large variety of folks and could tap into options and resources in every area of the project that we needed.



I sure appreciate your great expanse of knowledge.



A few weeks into the remodel we were more certain than ever that, in Marie, we had the good fortune to be working with one of the finest practitioners in the business.



We’re really enjoying our house and all the new design.



"I love my home!"



I love our kitchen and love you! If I had another kitchen to do I would call you! When we do our master bath, I will be sure to do that.



Marie, there is no doubt in my mind; your services did not cost me money. On the contrary, you made me money and added to the overall pride and satisfaction I take in my projects. To differentiate ourselves from our competition in the upper middle end of the town home market, we like to combine new and innovative finishes with contemporary and creative design. It all sounds so simple, until the reality of strict budget control is imposed upon the process. In this aspect Marie, your star shines bright. You took every dollar we allocated to interior finishes and turned it into solid gold. Your process for driving the work forward combined with your excellent communication skills, knowledge base and use of visual aids set my mind at ease while making these extremely important decisions. Your finish schedules and specifications were broken down into spreadsheets and schematics that are logical, concise and made sense. Every sub from the painters to the tile setters had nothing but positive comments, and made my work managing the project that much easier. I look forward to a long and mutually successful business relationship.


Fremont, Developer